Call 2010 - Industry & Environment

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Stage 3

Review Conference

The Review Conference was held in Budapest in November 2010. This page provides documents from that conference in order to provide future proposers with an insight into the process.

The timetable and poster room layout demonstrate how the proposers interacted with the referees.

The evaluation guidance was the instructions given to the referees on how to mark the proposals.

The Ranked List is the output of the Review Conference and the subsequent decision of the EMRP committee on where to draw the funding line. Green shaded projects will progress to contract negotiation. There was insufficient funds for those shaded pink and the grey projects did not pass the threshold so could not be funded. No proposal was received for SRT15e.

The Independent Observers Report is a report to the EC on the process.

The Opinion of the EURAMET Research Council was given at their meeting on 16th December 2010.

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