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Stage 2: Call for proposals for Joint Research Projects (JRPs) and associated Researcher Excellence Grants (REGs)

OPENING DATE: 21 June 2010          

CLOSING DATE: 11 October 2010          CLOSED

The Call is now closed.This page and the associated documents below are for reference purposes only.

The EMRP Committee has selected twenty eight research topics (SRTs) for Industry and eighteen SRTs for Environment from the potential metrology research topics (PRTs) submitted in Stage 1. Many SRTs contain inputs from more than one single PRT as similar ideas have been combined where appropriate. These SRTs are the basis of the Joint Research Projects (JRPs) which consortia are invited to submit. It is anticipated that between 15 and 17 Industry JRPs, and between 11 and 13 Environment JRPs will be funded.

In order to aid interested parties to express an interest in participation in a specific JRP, and to make contact with others sharing this interest, we have established a simple "meeting area", EMRP Connections. In addition there are a number of partnering meetings that are independently organised.

Potential JRP-Consortia must consist of a minimum of three funded partners from at least three different countries (countries participating in the EMRP). Additionally, where it is appropriate, other bodies are able to participate in the projects (without funding). A limited number of Researcher Excellence Grants (REGs) are available to the wider research community at this stage and should be applied for in association with the JRP proposal submission. Eligibility criteria for JRPs and REGs are detailed in the Eligibility Criteria document.

In the first instance, we recommend that you:

See Frequently Asked Questions for details of updates
21 July: Eligibility Criteria v2.1
02 August: List of NMIs and DIs in the participating countries v1.1
JRP-Participant details form v1.1
JRP Costing Spreadsheet v2.1
10 August: List of NMIs and DIs in the participating countries v1.2
24 September: Eligibility Criteria v2.2


Background Information

To submit a proposal: The JRP-Coordinator should submit the following documents by e-mail to the EMRP-MSU as a single package: by the deadline of Monday 11 October 2010 23:59 CET

The Review Conferences will be held in Budapest on 22 -23 November 2010 (for Environment) and 24 - 25 November 2010 (for Industry).

EMRP Helpline: , Tel: +44 20 8943 6666

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