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EMRP Call 2007

SI and Fundamental, Health, Length, Electricity and Magnetism: Call Details, Funded JRPs

EMRP Call 2009

Energy: Call Details, Funded JRPs

EMRP Call 2010

Industry & Environment: Call Details, Funded JRPs

EMRP Call 2011

Health, SI Broader Scope & New Technologies: Call Details, Funded JRPs

EMRP Call 2012

Industry, SI Broader Scope & Open Excellence: Call Details, Funded JRPs

EMRP Call 2013

Energy & Environment: Call Details, Funded JRPs

RMG Call

Researcher Mobility Grants


Early-Stage Researcher Mobility Grants

Article 169 Background Information

The successful launch of iMERA-Plus enabled rapid development of second phase of the EMRP. Supported through Article 169 of the European Treaty, and jointly funded by the European Commission and the participating countries this second phase is now approved, with a total budget of 400 M€ over an approximately seven year period. It provides the opportunity for the user community and other stakeholders to directly suggest topics that the metrology community should address with its resources. Additionally, researcher grant schemes will be available to bring external expertise into the research projects, and there will be the opportunities for organisations to participate in the research projects with their own resources where it is mutually beneficial to do so. An indication of the fields to be covered, and the schedule for the calls are given on the EURAMET website

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